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      I would like to call this oracle standard package po_document_Funds_pvt.check_reserve to check funds on PO.

      Below are the parameters pass in and out. Does anyone know what the values should be.


      PROCEDURE check_reserve(

         x_return_status           OUT NOCOPY  VARCHAR2

      ,  p_doc_type                 IN    VARCHAR2

      ,  p_doc_subtype           IN    VARCHAR2

      ,  p_doc_level                IN    VARCHAR2

      ,  p_doc_level_id           IN    NUMBER

      ,  p_use_enc_gt_flag    IN    VARCHAR2

      ,  p_override_funds      IN    VARCHAR2

      ,  x_po_return_code     OUT NOCOPY  VARCHAR2

      ,  x_online_report_id   OUT NOCOPY  NUMBER