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    [4.2EA] - Issues with nls_date_format


      Hello out there,

      I found an inconsistency when setting the date format via command line like this:


      alter session set nls_date_format='DD.MM.YYYY';


      After that, the script output (F5) respects the new format where as the query output in a grid (F9) does not. It still uses the date format configured in the preferences.

      I used to set the date format for a single session to strip off the time portion that is normally shown in my date format ('DD.MM.YYYY HH24:MI:SS') when I export the grid to excel.

      This does not work with 4.2EA as it did in 4.1.3.


      Or do I miss something here? I want to use the long format as default and switch to a shorter one when needed and only for that session.


      I have to add that, obviously after a certain delay, the date format is respected by the excel export but still not shown on the screen. So this seems just a visual bug I can live with.


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