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    Open Interface Adapter, 0 lines imported to Tdataseg_t


      I am new to OIA. I am trying to load data from an Oracle table into Planning via FDMEE using OIA. I have created a new interface that loads all required data into the AIF_OPEN_INTERFACE table. I swapped this interface in a copy of the OIA package. I created the source adapter, the import format, the Location and the data load rule. When I run the data load rule, I can see all the necessary data get loaded in AIF_OPEN_INTERFACE table. ODI shows that the next interface (ERPI Open Interface to ERPI Balances) is also executing successfully however, it inserts 0 rows into TDATASEG_T table.


      I am not sure what I am doing wrong. The process log shows no errors, but these two lines confirm no data is being imported into TDATASEG_T


      2016-10-25 10:17:40,187 INFO [AIF]:       Generic Data Rows Imported from Source: 0

      2016-10-25 10:17:40,188 INFO [AIF]: Total Data Rows Imported from Source: 0


      Is there an obvious thing I am missing?