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    Background dump dest


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.1.3




      I changed directory to our dump trace folder> /u01/oracle/PROD/db/tech_st/11.1.0/admin/PROD_erp/diag/rdbms/prod/PROD/trace


      I see lots off files

      PROD_m001_24768.trc  PROD_m002_19574.trc  PROD_ora_11727.trc   PROD_vktm_5104.trc

      PROD_m001_24768.trm  PROD_m002_19574.trm  PROD_ora_11727.trm   PROD_vktm_5104.trm

      PROD_m001_24775.trc  PROD_m002_19577.trc  PROD_ora_11757.trc   PROD_vktm_510.trc

      PROD_m001_24775.trm  PROD_m002_19577.trm  PROD_ora_11757.trm   PROD_vktm_510.trm

      PROD_m001_24806.trc  PROD_m002_19594.trc  PROD_ora_11805.trc   PROD_vktm_6537.trc

      PROD_m001_24806.trm  PROD_m002_19594.trm  PROD_ora_11805.trm   PROD_vktm_6537.trm

      PROD_m001_24816.trc  PROD_m002_19609.trc  PROD_ora_11808.trc   PROD_vktm_7058.trc

      PROD_m001_24816.trm  PROD_m002_19609.trm  PROD_ora_11808.trm   PROD_vktm_7058.trm

      PROD_m001_24846.trc  PROD_m002_19632.trc  PROD_ora_11842.trc   PROD_vktm_9341.trc

      PROD_m001_24846.trm  PROD_m002_19632.trm  PROD_ora_11842.trm   PROD_vktm_9341.trm


      I understand that .trc is a trace file and the purpose of this is you can trace from here the errors generated in alterPROD.ora.

      What is *.trm? and what is the purpse or use of it?


      Please help...



      Kind regards,