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      How to import PO Approved Supplier List into ERP cloud

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          Mat Tyndall-Oracle

          Checkout this note on My Oracle Support: Oracle Purchasing - API to Create, Update and Delete Approved Supplier List (ASL) (Doc ID 1613320.1)


          Overview of Approver Supplier List (ASL) API

          The ASL API (PO_ASL_API_PUB) enables you to create, update, and delete approved supplier lists in bulk.
          Using the API, you can create ASLs with type, commodity, and item details, and key attributes such as supplier, site, operating unit, and manufacturer. Other ASL attributes that can be created include plan schedule, shipping schedule, delivery calendar, ASL capacity, and tolerance information.

          Invoking the API
          To create, update, or delete an ASL, call the package PO_ASL_API_PUB.

          This API contains the following procedures:

          Procedure: create_update_asl()
          The API includes the create_update_asl() procedure, which takes in all data as PL/SQL table parameters. The PL/SQL tables contain fields for the IDs and for the display values. The call to this procedure provides the display values. The data in the PL/SQL tables data is interlinked through user keys. If no exceptions occur during the process and if the parameter p_commit is passed as Y’, then the API will commit the transaction.

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            Hi Mat-


            Can you help explain more about the API and how I could use this to delete approved supplier lists?