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    Disk Corruption in EBS R12.1.3


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.1.3





      We encountered disk corruption lately in our EBS server.

      Maybe this is due to power outage we often experienced.

      I do not know what is the extent of the damage.

      We are able to startup the Db tier, but I can tell if there is data block corruption inside it.

      But it is felt or visible in the apps tier because it will not start up anymore

      I noticed that the tnsnames.ora become 0 byte size.

      I tried to recreate it by running autoconfig, but even the autoconfig just hang up when run.

      Our last resort was to restore the backup, which is tedious


      My question is, how do you protect your EBS systems with regards to disk corruption?


      Have you encountered issues like this where in you have no choice but to restore backups?



      Please help...


      Kind regards,


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          Hi JC



          Plan the appstier backup on timely basis.


          If in your environment regular changes will run like .rdf or .fmb or OAF deployments you need to plan daily apps file system backup

          If no much changes on day to day basis ,plan the backup accordingly amy be weekly or monthly


          In Last month we have faced similar issue with Storage where we are using NFS , autoconfig will take huge time and it will error out

          Autoconfig not able to execute any script even i cant able to connect sqlplus in application server

          In OS logs i can see NFS server timeouts.


          Later we changed file system from NFS to SAN, all issues resolved .





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            Thanks Shaik and ALL,


            So I will recommend to the management to use storage systems like SAN, or NAS or DAS .

            Are these storage need to be RAID configured? Or they are already in RAID by default?


            What is the recommend RAID level for best performance? is it 0,1,2,3,4,5 etc?


            Kind regards,

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                It depends completely on the company SLA and investment.


                If you can afford, you can go for Level 1. Use ASM for database. Connect and discuss with your Storage Admin/OS Admin who controls the Storage and discuss the recommendations and possibilities based on the Storage you have and what RAID is achievable.