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    FDMEE user access


      Hello Everyone,

      I have FDMEE Under Monitor -> process details,  currently users are able to see only their process which they have executed but not the other FDM process of other users. Can you tell me which property will help user to see other users execution. I dont want to give users FDM admin privilege. Role security for a Role has all the functions selected. The Shared service access has the same intermediate access which has the role in DRM.


      Can you please advise.

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          Vikram VK

          Well, This Role might not available BTW below are the roles are provided by FDMEE.



          You may review below link:





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            In addition to info from Vikram VK, are you using location security in your application?  If a user has access to location A_LOC but not location B_LOC, I'd expect he/she could only see the process details for location A_LOC only.

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              Thanks for your reply. Yes I have location security and I am aware of the FDMEE roles.


              Sorry if i have not explained the issue properly...  The Intermediate role which is selected in location A_LOC has process details checked under Role Security. I have USER1 and USER2 both have access to location A_LOC. The issue is,  in process details screen USER1 is not able to see the execution done by USER2 and vice versa.

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                You did not provide the exact patch level of FDMEE that you are on(e.g notably from the software works  based on the design that end user see only their own process .


                It was addressed in a bug fix 20259231 {Non-administrators should see only their processes on the Process Details screen}


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