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    Cross Origin Sharing error with ords 3.0.3 and up

    Sanjeev Chauhan

      I have a mod_plsql application that works with ords from 2.0.2 to 3.0.2. However, with any higher version of ords upto 3.0.8, I get the following error



      This error only appears in Safari on macOS and iOS webview; not Chrome, Firefox, or IE. The setup hasn't changed, except for replacing ords.war file in tomcat's webapps folder. The application is secured using Sibboleth V2


      Apache/2.2.15 (Unix)

      ProxyPreserveHost On

      ProxyPass     /pls     ajp://localhost:8009/ords


      Apache Tomcat/8.0.38



      ords 3.0.x

      configdir:     /swadm/etc


      I download a new ords, unzip the files in /swadm/3.0.x

      java -jar ords.war configdir /swadm/etc

      cp ords.war ~tomcat/webapps

      startup tomcat