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         Node.js 0.10 is unmaintained    


      (Originally from greenkeeper, i.e. https://github.com/janl/mustache.js/pull/611)

      Have you heard the news?

        Node.js 0.10 is no longer maintained 

      Up until today it used to receive critical bug and security fixes, but these times are over for good.


      Node.js LTS schedule


      Node.js 0.10 is definitely not alive, but it’s also not dead yet. Its ghost is still haunting the Node.js community    Many open source projects still support it, and yours is among them.
      In order for the Node.js community to evolve we have to say goodbye to Node.js 0.10. It’s time for us to finally send it to the realm of the dead.


      MCS should be supporting all versions of Node.js that are greater than 4 (Node.js 0.12 will be unmaintained by the end of the year as well). Please review this properly and help us to rout the Ghost of Node.js 0.10      Of course you can just ignore this request and keep supporting Node.js 0.10 … but … you have been warned … it’s scary to deal with the living dead  


      P.S. MCS is still running 0.10.25, which has plenty of spooky security holes!