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    SQL Developer keeps crashing




      I'm having trouble using SQL Developer on Windows 7.

      A short time after starting it, it just exits. There seems to be no specific action that triggers this. It even happens while I'm not doing anything.


      Here is some info:

      • Version
      • jdk1.8.0_45 (I also tried the SQL Developer with included JDK, same issue)
      • Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1
      • Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition  64bit Production


      Here is what I find in the CMD after SQL Developer exits:


      Custom UI class oracle.bali.ewt.olaf2.OracleLookAndFeel not on classpath.


      LOAD TIME : 375UsersCache.fillIn() time = 125  ret==null?: true

      UsersCache.fillIn() time = 219  ret==null?: true




      Any suggestions how to debug this issue?