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    My real problem is the problem when running complex scripts that requires interaction and validation


      Hello, because you are asking feedback for sql developer,

      I decided to share the problem I had and caused not to use sql developer;

      it is about the run of complex scripts:


      in example

      - insert



      -selects (this must show the result of the query)

      -enable the stop of wrong statements, some times this is done to make some task, i.e. reconecting after crating a database trigger.


      the problem if you run it in sqlplus, it don't stop, you don't have the chance to modify the script in the way, as in a notepad window.



      Aditionally I would like scripting

      This means a more advanced functioning of scripts, that can't be done in a begin end;

      - a commant to reconnect

      - a condition to validate and use variable as if all the script would be a being end, you define variables and use them.

      - to save a query into a value (without having a declare function), like defining a dos, or a global variable

      - i.e. stop the script (even if the stop on error is disabled), in example if a validation gives false,


      there are more but I think you got the idea, and advanced runner of complex scripts.


      Thank you