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    Multiple Find-Replaces in SQL Worksheet




      I often work with SQL that was either written a long time ago without proper table aliases or from Oracle BI Server (RPD) generated which provides table aliases like T607 etc.

      This means every time I am troubleshooting and/or trying to understand/validate the SQL generated by the RPD (or legacy sql), I end up doing find->replace on multiple table aliases.


      Now, there is a drop-down to select prior Finds and Replaces but this got me thinking that perhaps it would be beneficial to have like a template driven find/replace functionality that can be saved so that I can provide a mapping of say 10 find-replace key value pairs and the find/replace happens in the sql worksheet editor without having to do this 1 at a time.


      Does this functionality exist and is not well known? Or perhaps an enhancement request should be made?