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    Notification Mailer Down


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.1.3





      We usually encounter our Notification Mailer Down if the system is so busy at its peak load.

      Our temporary solution is to bounce the apps tier, and then the mailer will get up, and will last long up to the next peak period like 2 to 4 weeks.


      But today we encountered the issue again it being down, but after bouncing apps tier, its started shortly but get down again


      11/3/16 - Notification mailer was unavailable and apps server was bounced.  After bounce, notification mailer was available.

      11/4/16 - Notification mailer is down again.  When checked, number of sessions < 900 and processes < 800 at the time we noticed that this is down again.

                    Online restart does not work.  Will restart both apps and db servers today.





      Please help troubleshoot of what could be the cause?



      Kind regards,