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    ORDS REST url help


      I am converting a mod_plsql application which makes heavy use of PlsqlPathAlias PlsqlPathAliasProcedure (which are setup in the dads.conf file).   Is ORDS able to duplicate this functionality?


      In mod_plsql, the path alias is setup  in the dads.conf file as

      PlsqlPathAlias xyz

      PlsqlPathAliasProcedure scott.special_proc


      Then when the path alias is entered in the url as: http://localhost/pls/xyz the procedure scott.special_procis invoked.  And then inside of procedure scott.special I extract the url parameters using: owa_util.get_cgi_env('QUERY_STRING')


      For example, each of these urls will all invoke the scott.special_proc procedure:






      The portion of the url after /xyz/ can change dynamically.   Can this functionality be duplicated in ORDS?


      Using: ords.