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    Drill URL - SQL Table #2


      Hello All,


      I believe I may have a fundamental misunderstanding of how FDMEE's drill through works, which I'm hoping you may be able to clear up.


      I'm loading data into a Planning app sitting on top of an ASO cube via FDMEE (


      The source data is staged in a single table in a data warehouse.


      I'd like to be able to drill through to that transactional data, and had hoped that by enabling drill regions, I'd be able to pull that data into the FDMEE drill through landing page. Although I've successfully created drillable regions, my drill through does nothing.


      My question: do you need to define a drill url? And if so, is it possible to drill into source data coming directly from a SQL Server table?


      From what I can see, you need to define your 'drillable region intersection points', those get associated with the drill thru url in metadata, and your only option is to drill into a source ERP system that explicitly supports it.

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          Francisco Amores



          FDMEE does not support drill-through to relational tables, just to ERP systems through either url or javascript


          You would need to have a custom page to drill into or any other landing system you can reach with javascript

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            What do you mean that your drill does nothing? Are you saying when you are in a Smart View Essbase Ad-hoc grid and drill back from a level zero intersection(which was loaded via Data Management) the Data Management Landing page is blank?

            If it is did you ensure the drill region got created.


            Also you state you want to drill back to transaction data.. are yous saying you want users to go back to a SQL table with all those records?

            Have you thought about the user interaction...?

            A recommendation would be you take another look of exactly how you want the overall process to work.  Further reviewing of the documentation may help also

            Oracle® Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition Administrator's Guide - Contents


            Generally in a non-erp based load users drill back to the Data Management Landing page as that has more granular detail than what is summarized in the Hyperion Target application.


            The drill url is used when you when to drill back to a source system( generally supported ERP system) which accepts  parameters from Data Management to open various ERP windows hence why you need to ensure you put in the Server and Detail component information from the ERP source.


            Other members of the board may also provide recommendation. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

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              Thanks for your quick responses!


              So to summarize what I'm hearing,


              1. Drill thru url is only used to get back to source ERP system

              2. Should be able to pull more granular data into landing page (which does not require a special URL)


              That's fine - just getting the landing page to work would be a good start.


              FDMEE tells me the drillable regions are being created during load:




              However, using a test form in the Planning app, I don't get the 'Drill Through to Source' link in the little pop up. Oracle has a doc about this issue, but it's when you have unexpanded columns, which I don't in this test.



              Smart View tells me this:




              And here's what the Planning log has to say:




              It sounds to me like I -should- be able to get back to the landing page...

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                what is the exact version Hyperion(including patch level)?(e.g FDMEE is

                Have you tried with a simple flat file with a single record, all explicit maps to a BSO cube and see if that works? Then replicate the same test on the ASO cube.

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                  That's a good suggestion - I'll take a crack at it.

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                    Success with using a simple flat file, all explicit maps, and BSO cube.


                    Failure doing the same with the ASO cube. Appears to work fine as demonstrated in the screenshots above, but drill through is not possible. Nothing listed for drill regions in EAS either.


                    One wrinkle - I've created the load to the ASO cube as an Essbase target, rather than Planning. When using Planning and creating the Data Load Rule, it only displays the BSO Target Plan Type. See below, Plan1 is the BSO cube, the ASO cube is absent.




                    Is there some trick to loading to an ASO plan type in a Planning application?

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                      You may need to review the bug list as at one point there was an issue from drill back for ASO.

                      Can you confirm that when you setup your [Target application] in Data Management you mapped all the dimension properly?

                      Also can you try to drill through from Smart View Essbase Ad-hoc ?

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                        After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the ASO drill through from Smart View is kind of working. A few notes for any future users trying to implement this:


                        1. Your ASO cube will not show as a Plan Type (even if part of the Planning app), you need to load to it as an Essbase target.

                        2. It is not possible to drill through to your ASO cube from within a Planning form.

                        3. Be sure Year/Period/Scenario are being brought in via FDMEE itself, rather than loading to the dimension. That seemed to cause a break in generating the drill regions, though the load worked fine.


                        Other issues remain - the drill through landing page's details don't add up to the total line amount, adding attribute rows and trying to regenerate the import format throws an error. I'll close this convo for now however. Thanks for your suggestions.

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                          user8493996 - Thanks for paying it forward and putting additional details in this discussion around the resolution to your issue.