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    Solaris NIS: UDP ports




      I encounter strange behavior of Solaris-based NIS server. When it responds to a query it may use unexpected UPD port, it gets filtered out by the firewall we use.


      First successful NIS query with a known name:

      15:43:33.248796 IP > UDP, length 80

      15:43:33.249886 IP > UDP, length 96


      15:43:35.439197 IP > UDP, length 56

      15:43:35.440121 IP > UDP, length 28


      Second NIS query with an unknown name:

      15:43:35.444592 IP > UDP, length 96

      15:43:35.470312 IP > UDP, length 32   <<<< blocked by firewall due  to unknown port (60207) was used for reply


      Is this valid behavior or sort of known issue? It looks problematic to tune the firewall accordingly without opening it too much.

      Now it relies on ESTABLISHED connection which assumes known src/dst IP&ports.


      The Solaris being used is pretty old:

      Solaris 9 s9_58shwpl3 SPARC

      Copyright 2002 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

      Use is subject to license terms.

      Assembled 15 April 2002


      Any suggestions are welcome,