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    error encounted when execute command "phase=apply patches=21841299 hotpatch=yes restart=yes"


      I am fresh install 12.2.0 with startcd 51.I have completed Rapid Install and applied  ETCC patches .When operated  the step "Apply the Latest AD and TXK Delta Release Update Packs" following document 1617461.1 . error encounted after the command "adop phase=apply patches=21841299 hotpatch=yes restart=yes".

      error details as follows:


      [applmgr@ebstest scripts]$ adop phase=apply patches=21841299 abandon=yes hotpatch=yes


      Enter the APPS password:

      Enter the SYSTEM password:

      Enter the WLSADMIN password:


      Validating credentials.



      Run Edition context : /u01/oracle/TEST/fs1/inst/apps/TEST_ebstest/appl/admin/TEST_ebstest.xml

      Patch edition context: /u01/oracle/TEST/fs2/inst/apps/TEST_ebstest/appl/admin/TEST_ebstest.xml

      Patch file system free space: 43.71 GB


      Validating system setup.

      Node registry is valid.

      [WARNING] MTCC has not been run. Apply Patch 17537119 and run checkMTpatch.sh.


      Checking for existing adop sessions.

      Session Id : 3

      Prepare phase status : NOT APPLICABLE


      Cutover phase status : NOT APPLICABLE

      Abort phase status : NOT APPLICABLE

      Session status : FAILED

      Continuing with existing session [Session ID: 3].



      ADOP (.Delta.)

      Session ID: 3

      Node: ebstest

      Phase: apply

      Log: /u01/oracle/TEST/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/3/20161115_094933/adop.log



      Applying patch 21841299.

      Log: /u01/oracle/TEST/fs_ne/EBSapps/log/adop/3/20161115_094933/apply/ebstest/21841299/log/u21841299.log


      Successfully created out directory


      AutoPatch error:

      Error while executing statement


      AutoPatch error:

      ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("APPLSYS"."AD_TIMESTAMPS"."ATTRIBUTE")

      ORA-06512: at "APPS.AD_STATS_UTIL_PKG", line 253

      ORA-06512: at line 5



      AutoPatch error:

      aimini(): Error calling adptaskStoreTimInfoToHist()



      You should check the file



      for errors.


      [UNEXPECTED]Error occurred executing "adpatch abandon=yes restart=no workers=4 options=hotpatch console=no interactive=no defaultsfile=/u01/oracle/TEST/fs1/EBSapps/appl/admin/TEST/adalldefaults.txt patchtop=/u01/oracle/TEST/fs_ne/EBSapps/patch/21841299 driver=u21841299.drv logfile=u21841299.log"

      [UNEXPECTED]Refer to the log files for more information.

      [UNEXPECTED]Apply phase has failed.



      [STATEMENT] Please run adopscanlog utility, using the command


      "adopscanlog -latest=yes"


      to get the list of the log files along with snippet of the error message corresponding to each log file.



      adop exiting with status = 1 (Fail)