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    OBIEE 12c - Change tooltip on column prompt values



      For a specific column prompt I would like to show the contents of another column in the tooltip (on mouse hover over) for the values of the drop down list.

      As an example I've a column prompt on countries. When the user clicks the prompt and the country list is displayed once they hover over any of the values with mouse the tooltip should show the corresponding currency code of that country instead of the country name.


      I been able to change the tooltip contents for a column in an analysis report using html since I guess the column formula supports HTML markup, however the same html does not work in the column prompt (Prompt For Column) formula since there is no 'Contains HTML markup' check box.  Anyone know how I can force the HTML to take effect in the column prompt or is there an alternative way of doing it?




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          Unfortunately there is not such an option for prompts out of the box.

          Few ideas:

          - Concatenate country and Currency (in your example) and use that as prompt: be aware that this solution has an impact on the SQL pushed down to database

          - Create an analysis and with a narrative view simulate a prompt (PortalPageNav or GoURL can help you), a narrative will allow you to customise the layout in HTML

          - Leave the prompt as default and add a table next to it with Country->Currency conversion.


          The 1st and 2nd option are kind of an hack. the 3rd one uses the default features of OBIEE but doesn't provide you exactly what needed.

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