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    FDMEE Check Rule Logic


      In the FDMEE Check Rule Logic Text:


      I entered: (19800 is the out of balance account and = 0 in this test)

      |,,,,,,19800,[ICP Top],TotC1,TotC2,TotC3,TotC4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,|<1000 AND |,,,,,,19800,[ICP Top],TotC1,TotC2,TotC3,TotC4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,|> -1000. The check report failed.


      ABS(|,,,,,,19800,[ICP Top],TotC1,TotC2,TotC3,TotC4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,|)<1000. The check report failed.


      But when I try |,,,,,,19800,[ICP Top],TotC1,TotC2,TotC3,TotC4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,|<1000, the report passed.


      I was using ABS in Classic FDM and it doesn't seem to work here. How shall I express this please? Thanks for any hint.