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    Bold/Border for Selected Rows


      Hi All


      I have a requirement from the customer that they need some of the values highlighted in bold and some with top and bottom border for a particular row item.


      The row is the Total of the items above. The report looks like the screenshot below.



      In the picture the values of 'Total Postpaid Billed Revenue', 'Total Postpaid Recurring Revenue', 'TOTAL POSTPAID - Consumer Gross Revenue' should be highlighted from the other.


      One solution that I knew was conditional formatting. So I created a column in the analysis as Rank -> ASCII(CAST(RANK("Column"."Name") as char (4))). This formula is expected to give a unique rank for all the items so we can provide conditional formatting based on Ranks. However, some of the Ranks are repeating for multiple items hence when I give bold for that rank it is affecting other description items.


      Anyone with better solution for this requirement ? Any help will be appreciated.