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    How to understand Matrix Configuration


      Hi ALL,


      I am reading this note, but I can not understand what it wanted to explain

      Please help how to understand it. Why is Oracle Notes confusing and hard to understand?


      Release 12.2.x Oracle Value Chain Planning Installation Notes - Known Issues, FAQ and Latest Patch Information (Doc ID 1361221.1)


      There is a matrix it mention as:


      <Deleted MOS DOc content - Moderator>


      My question in the above matrix s,  is VCP Destination Version means that is it also the EBS instance version?


      Or can I install VCP 12.2.4 in a destination instance of EBS R12.1.3?    


      What I understand from  ASCP , VCP  install guide is, you need to install two EBS instance (source and target), I am correct?


      per document


      Oracle® Value Chain Planning

      Installation Guide

      Release 12.2

      Part No. E48790-02




      Please help how to understand above matrix.



      Kind regards,