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    SQL-developer 4.1.5 find DB object : minor, but annoying bugs


      hi there


      2 things I would like to report :


      1 - whenever I open then "find DB object" (which I use a lot) I am asked twice !! to fill in the shown connection-credentials



      which I cancel and gets this reply


      After the second cancellation I am allowed to enter the find DB object work-sheet or whatever it is called.

      I have not for a long period of time had any wishes og any actual connection to the connection which "find DB object" asks credientials for.

      OK it is not the end of the world but annoying.


      2 - the "find DB object"  does not find sourceline which is commented.

           I.E. Is does not find sourcelines which are preceeded by --


         I made this procedure


      create or replace

      procedure greeting authid definer as



        SYS.dbms_output.put_line ('goodbye');

      end greeting;


      querying all_source finds the line


      select name,text

      from all_source

      where lower(text) like '%hello%';


      The goodbye - line in the procedure is found by both methods


      regards Karsten