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    Cloning EBS 12.2.6 db Tier


      Hi ALL,


      EBS 12.2.6




      I have cloned the db Tier for our EBS 12.2.6

      At the end, the following messages were displayed:


      Running ETCC to check status of DB technology patches...


      |    Copyright (c) 2005, 2016 Oracle and/or its affiliates.     |

      |                     All rights reserved.                      |

      |             Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2              |

      |          Database EBS Technology Codelevel Checker            |


      Using context file from command line argument:



      Starting Database EBS Technology Codelevel Checker, Version 120.38

      Tue Nov 29 15:04:10 EST 2016

      Log file for this session : /u02/oravis/VIS/12.1.0/appsutil/etcc/checkDBpatch_5133.log


      Bugfix XML file version: 120.0.12020000.32

      This file will be used for identifying missing bugfixes.


      Mapping XML file version: 120.0.12020000.5

      This file will be used for mapping bugfixes to patches.


      [WARNING] DB-ETCC: Bugfix XML file (txk_R1220_DB_base_bugs.xml) in current directory is more than 30 days old.

      Check if a newer version is available in patch 17537119.


      Identifying database release.

      Database release set to


      Connecting to database.

      Database connection successful.


      Database VIS is in READ WRITE mode.


      Identifying APPS and APPLSYS schema names.

      - APPS schema : APPS

      - APPLSYS schema : APPLSYS


      Checking for DB-ETCC results table.

      Table to store DB-ETCC results already exists in the database.


      Checking if InMemory option is enabled.

      InMemory option is not enabled in the Database.


      Checking Bugfix XML file for


      Obtained list of bugfixes to be applied and the list to be rolled back.

      Now checking Database ORACLE_HOME.


      The opatch utility is version

      DB-ETCC is compatible with this opatch version.


      Found patch records in the inventory.


      Checking Mapping XML file for


      All the required one-off bugfixes are present in Database ORACLE_HOME.


      Stored Technology Codelevel Checker results in the database VIS successfully.


      Finished prerequisite patch testing : Tue Nov 29 15:04:19 EST 2016


      Log file for this session: /u02/oravis/VIS/12.1.0/appsutil/etcc/checkDBpatch_5133.log




      My question is, can I enable InMemory option for EBS?



      Kind regards,