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    SQL Developer Cart Cloud Deployment status 'Verification Failed'

    Hasso Schaap



      I have been trying to deploy some SQL Developer Carts. 2 Out of three deploy just fine, 1 does not. SQL Developer has the Cloud Deployment Details and Logs sections and I checked them.

      So, 2 out of 3 works just fine, I also have been doing this more often, but now I want to know what results in an undefined status 'VERIFICATION FAILED'.

      I checked the docs here:


      But the status VERIFICATION FAILED is not in the list.

      Where to look for the error?

      This is what the Cloud Deployment Looks like:

      And the logs are empty:

      What to do? Where do I look next?

      I already did a restart of the Deployment, which resulted in the same error.


      Thanx for any suggestions.