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    Packages not opening/freeze SQL Developer (4.1+)

    Alexander Freickmann


      I have issues opening some of my packages in my user. This is reproducable (but I don't know how to enable/disable this bug) and it comes and goes in all my systems. I am working on two computers (one work, one home), both Windows 10 64 (but also appeared on Windows 7 and 8), and different SQL Developer versions. This issue definitely exist since 4.1, i tested all versions up to 4.2, none is solving it. Also using Thick driver is not helping here, also usually deactivating OCI, let me access my packages again without issues until the error also occurs there.

      So what exactly is happening? I go to my connection, open packages and select my package. Then my SQL Developer freeze and only killing the process in another SQL Developer unfreeze it.


      The issue also seems to only happen to packages I recently often change, but because my colleagues can't reproduce the issue (also the issue is usually not happening on my home and work PC at the same time). Thus I thought, it is a config issue in my SQL developer and I deleted the SQL developer folder in user roaming folder. But this does not helped at all and the issue still persist. So I am clueless and hope someone could help me here what I could do.