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    Problem with protege 4.3 plugin and




      I'm setting up a test site for semantic networks. e.g the Protege Oracle plugin


      Local installed, EXECUTE mdsys.enableGeoRaster;, @%ORACLE_HOME%\md\admin\catsem.sql. No Errors reported.


      Downloaded the newest plugin for protege 4.3.

      When I configure the database, it says :

      "RDF Semantic Graph feature has not been initialized.\n Please refer to theOracle Spatial and Graph RDF Semantic Graph Developer's Guide".


      This is tested with the query: "select count(1) from mdsys.rdf_value$ where rownum<= :1"


      with SQL Developer I can't find rdf_value$. There is no evidence in the sql scripts rdf_value$ is created (as far as i can tell).


      Select * from mdsys.rdf_parameter response is:

      COMPONENT RDFCTX INSTALLED Semantic (Text) Search component

      COMPONENT RDFOLS INSTALLED RDF Optional component for OLS support

      COMPONENT RDFVPD INSTALLED RDF Optional component for VPD support



      Looks oke to me.


      Any thoughts on this??