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    Donut Chart in Oracle BI Cloud Service




      I would like to analyze my data in oracle BI cloud services by representing it in Donut chart..Could any suggest on creating Donut chart as it is not available in Oracle BI Cloud Service by default?.


      Any help on this would be appreciated



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          Hasso Schaap


          The Donut chart in BICS is currently only available in Data Visualization part of BICS.

          If you need a Dashboard with a Donut chart... Consider building a beautiful VA-Project and use presentation mode to embed it in a Dashboard.

          Watch the YouTube to see how to embed VA/DV in a Dashboard:


          Below is a picture of Data Visualization (in BICS) Donut chart based on the OBICS Collaboration Pack Subject Area (coming soon).


          <Advanced Mode> Consider building a customized JavaScript solution using D3.js or Oracle JET. I sometimes use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to enhance Dashboards as well.</Advanced Mode>




          (it is so great to actually find answers quick, without even booting a VM, using VPN or other trouble. I love the cloud!)

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