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    Problem lunshing SQLdeveloper




      i've downloaded the sqldeveloper with jdk for 64bits, and installed on my computer. when i trided to start it, A error message appeard "Unable to launch the Java Virtual Machine located at ", I found that someone suggested to copy the file MSVCR100.dll from the folder ..\jdk\jre\bin to ..\sqldeveloper\bin, Unfortunately, the sqldeveloper begin starting but after a moment  it stops and dessapear

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Very often such behavior is the result of a video driver not playing well with Java.  Try this...

          1. Open a Cmd console from the ...\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin directory

          2. Launch sqldeveloper.exe

          3. If the JVM crashes, you will see a dump with some clues.  Perhaps about a driver, or some issue with your environment.

          If there is no dump, try renaming or deleting the SQL Developer settings for 4.1.5 under C:\Users\<youruser>\AppData\Roaming and restart SQL Developer.