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    Compile Forms EBS R12.1.3


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.1.3





      I have run adadmin compile all forms.

      But while it was running, the server was down due to some power failure, hence the compiling got aborted.


      When I login again and run adamin, I got this message:


      ************* Start of AD Worker session *************

      AD Worker version: 12.0.0

      AD Worker started at: Mon Dec 05 2016 16:57:29


      APPL_TOP is set to /oracle/SIT3/applsit3/apps/apps_st/appl


      All workers have quit.


      AD Administration error:

      adfrjp(): Error running jobs in workers


      An error occurred while generating Oracle Forms objects.

      Continue as if it were successful [No] :


      Backing up restart files, if any......Done.


      You should check the file



      for errors.


      [applsit3@ebizntest2 ~]$ oracle/SIT3/applsit3/apps/apps_st/appl/admin/SIT3/log/adadmin.log



      Please help how to restart the compiling.


      Kind regards,