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    Unable to add items to cart in iprocurement due to record contains stale data




      I am using oracle R12.1.3 , database 11g.

      I am trying to add items to cart but I am getting the following error for some items:

      Unable to perform transaction on the record.
      Cause: The record contains stale data. The record has been modified by another
      Action: Cancel the transaction and re-query the record to get the new data



      What I understand from the error message is that the processor or part of computer instruction (operand) that specifies data that is to be operating on or manipulated

      have been changed by the processor and obtained  old value of the operand rather than the new value. That probably suggesting in the error message to cancel the transaction

      and re-query the record to get the new data.


      I could be wrong.  However, I need a solution to this error.  It could be a bug or something even though I am able to add items for some items (not all available items on my list).


      Sharing a suggestion, any solution or a MOS document would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advanced.