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    Sluggish performance


      Hi there,

      It seems like after having several tabs open for a few days the program starts to crawl.

      Switching between tabs takes 2 to 3 seconds, rendering of typed text takes 4 seconds, backspace 1 second per character.

      Sometimes the only solution is to close SQLDev and open again.

      No active processes in the background. Connected to a test db that is pretty idle.

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          Gbenga Ajakaye

          The cause of your performance issue might me that your CPU is running of memory needed to open and run multiple software(s) concurrently. 

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            Well, I only have Outlook, Notepad+ and Chrome open and idle.

            The sluggishness is not apparent on those programs.

            Chrome might be the hog. However a coworker has the previous version (not the EA release as me) and he has way more stuff open than me with same amount of memory and he does not experience this delays.

            8 GB memory here.

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              Gbenga Ajakaye

              I see. I sometimes get performance issues on my laptop when I have like gazillion tabs open in chrome - along line other programs. Umm, 8GB of memory really isn't that much. At one of my project, my sql developer normally takes like forever to start, but then once started would work just fine. I had to install the newest version and that fixed the issue. If the error persist, I installing a different version to test if the performance improve - might be an approach you can take.

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                SQL Dev seems to run spiffy for me, even over several days, on my newer hardware - but it's a SSD with 16GB of RAM.


                Closing it every other day if only to refresh the JVM might be the best solution after getting a hardware refresh.


                My MacBook Air is from 2012, and SQLDev runs whiz-bang on there, with much worse hardware specs.

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                  It seems like after having several tabs open for a few days the program starts to crawl.

                  The 'simple' solution is: DON'T DO THAT!


                  Seriously, why would you need to leave Sql Dev, or any app, open and unattended for such an extended period of time?


                  Especially on a Windows OS. That has ALWAYS been a bad, bad idea. Windows has always had memory issues and problems running multiple apps nicely.


                  Besides - if you are connected to a database (or more than one) that can be a security risk even if the workstation is locked.


                  I suggest you adopt the common sense solution and just stop that practice.

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                    Gbenga Ajakaye

                    Hey Jeff,


                    You have 16GB RAM. I'm sure that helps things out. haha. I actually see your point that closing it everyday day might help.

                    It's funny, my mac with 8gb with lots of other stuff works, almost well. Though my sql developer have some slowness when it's starting, but works like a well tuned Mustang when up.

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                      However a coworker has the previous version (not the EA release as me)


                      If you're running the EA version, do you get the same issue with the older, production-ready version? You can have multiple versions of SQL Dev installed on your system.


                      Have you done any analysis to see if there is a bottleneck on your system that can be impacting this application? I don't have any issues with SQL Dev like you're describing and I run it on both Win 7 and my MacBook Pro.



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                        Funny how everyone jumps to blame Windows !


                        It is a Windows machine,  but no bottlenecks at all.

                        If it were Windows, I wouldn't be able to run other things and that is not the case.

                        In fact I fired Toad Free Version and PLSQL Developer while SQLDev was slow and had no problems whatsoever there.

                        I am new to SQLDev. Toad user with previous employer. That sort of thing I never experienced with TOAD also on a 8Gb machine.


                        Currently Chrome has 5 tabs open. Not a lot.


                        I will ignore the 'common sense' solution since it does not agree with the way I need to work.

                        6 tabs open for a better park of a week should not be a load on the program.

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                          Windows doesn't do as good of a job as running Java as Linux/OS X does.


                          Those other tools you mention are compiled Windows binaries - SQL Developer isn't that. So it's worth noting when comparing even say SQL Dev to SQL*Plus.

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                            Fair enough.

                            But production version of SQL Dev is not doing that.

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                              But production version of SQL Dev is not doing that.


                              If this is stopping you from doing your work, then why are you using the EA version at all?



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                                you might want to check your version of Java - try to get a newer v8 JDK


                                you might want to check your jvm settings - although I doubt this will help in terms of making the heap sizes or increments larger - but you might get some relief with the garbage collection settings


                                you can experiment by forcing the jvm to do garbage collection for sql dev as it runs using Java VisualVM

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                                  Please check the utilization of your cpu and ram, I too face the same issue and found that the utilization of my RAM was 100% and it's doing lot of swapping and slowing down the process.

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                                    I did check. Memory was at 50% steady.

                                    CPU was a bit high and it came down when I closed SQL Dev.

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