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    Copy the Output file (PDF) of Concurrent Program to a different directory and rename the file?


      Hi All,


      I have a concurrent program which is generating PDF outputs in the $APPLOUT directory. I want to copy the PDF file and store it in a different directory (say, TEMP directory) and then rename it.


      Can I use UTL_FILE.FCOPY operation for the same? Both the OUT directory and TEMP directory have entries in the DBA_DIRECTORIES table. So can I use the below:-



      UTL_FILE.fcopy('APPS_OUTPUT_FILE_DIR', 'XX_GEN_DEF_216079239_1.PDF', 'ODPDIR', '251432-401-20-T.PDF');



      This operation is throwing error so I am not sure where am I doing wrong. Can you please help?


      Also, I tried the option of using a unix host concurrent program to copy and move the file. But I am getting a permission denied error at the copy statement:-



      File Exist XX_GEN_DEF_216080232_1.PDF

      cp: cannot create regular file `/trndshr/tsoadev2/temp/251432-401-20-T.PDF': Permission denied


      Can you throw some light here?


      Thanks for any help.