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    Edit Report w/o Access to Subject Area

    Uttaran Banerjee



      We recently upgraded from to In 11G if the user had access to Answers but no access to the Subject Area, he would still be able to open the report and when he clicks on Edit  link below the report it would open in Answers(Clicking on Edit Directly in the Catalog Manager would not work), the Subject Area in left would show the following message "Either you do not have permission to use the subject area <<Subject Area Name>> within Answers, or the subject area does not exist."


      However in the 12c, click on Edit always shows the default message "You do not have access privilege for this subject area". While this behaviour is more consistent, we have some users who access reports shared by others, they are able to change prompt values in the answers screen and run a custom report.


      Was this is a custom setup in 11g or was it the default behaviour. Is there a way to get this "Feature"/"Security Loophole" back in 12c.


      This is the screen I am talking about.