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    ords.war file difficulty - OAUTH marshaling failure

    Ed Heaton



      I originally posted this in the wrongforum.


      Whilst trying to configure ORDS for an APEX 5.0.4 installation, I am hitting the following issue when configuring the ords.war file.


      My database back end is running on Oracle and the OS is Red Hat 6.7.  The middle tier is running Windows 2008R2 and JAVA 7 with Apache Tomcat 8.5.4.  All I am trying to do is configure the war file but I am getting the following:


      java -jar ords.war





      Dec 08, 2016 1:39:18 PM oracle.dbtools.rt.config.setup.SchemaSetup verifyDBAUser


      WARNING: Failed to connect to user SYS AS SYSDBA jdbc:oracle:thin:@xxxx-xxxxxx.


      OAUTH marshaling failure


      I do not have this problem if the back end database is running on Windows 2008R2 (same version  The Windows host name does not contain a hyphen (if that makes any difference).


      I have tried using the following parameter '-Doracle.jdbc.thinLogonCapability=o3' which gets around the error but then the SYS password does not work.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction?


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!