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    determining if vmstat output shows memory problem


      I have a database/web application that was moved from a V445 to a Sun T4-2 (64G memory), and now it is much slower.  I am trying to eliminate the server so the developers will look at the mysql database and stored procedures. 


      I am usually at 40G free memory out of 64G, CPUs are usually at 99% idle.


      I am not swapping, as those fields always show 0.


      I run sar -g and the pgout/s and ppgout/s can be 30 or 40 each but my pgscan/s is always 0.


      i run vmstat and page-in is always 0, page out changes somewhere between 300 and 600, with 'free' being about the same.    SR is always 0.



      # echo ::memstat | mdb -k

      Page Summary                Pages                MB  %Tot

      ------------     ----------------  ----------------  ----

      Kernel                     556020              4343    7%

      Anon                      1818373             14206   22%

      Exec and libs               10142                79    0%

      Page cache                  10977                85    0%

      Free (cachelist)          2577738             20138   31%

      Free (freelist)           3349822             26170   40%

      Total                    8323072             65024


      I'm not sure how to evaluate these figures and any research shows the same man pages and descriptions.


      Any help would be appreciated.