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    LOV ICON is getting disable.


      I have received a requirement, to modify the existing form screen. the screen contains two data blocks, one is header and second one is detail block. Here the requirement  is, i need to add one new field in header block.


      i have added the new field in header canvas at last position (that new field does not contain LOV). Issue I'm  facing is, whenever cursor moves from that new field and entered into details block, the Lov icon which will available on the top of the screen is getting disabled. It is breaking the existing functionality. For suppose, if i added Lov to that new field then it is working fine, even cursor comes on detail block LOV icon which is available on the top of the screen is still remain enable. But my client do not need LOV to the new item which i have added.


      Can you please some one suggested why Form level LOV icon is getting disabled. How can we make it enable by coding? To move the cursor from one canvas to another canvas I'm using go_block() function.


      I'm using 4.5 version FORM builder. 10.7 version Oracle apps


      Below icon in Green circle is LOV icon