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    Concurrent Program Inactive No Manager


      Hi All,

      While running concurrent programs, we encountered with Inactive No Manager issue.

      For this issues, we removed concurrent program from Standard Manager specialization Rules, but still encountered same issue.

      We ran 'analyzereq.sql' script, but it is showing other concurrent manager name which is disabled.



      Request 51643275 is in phase "Pending" with status " Normal".

      (phase_code = P)   (status_code = I)

      This request is an unconstrained request. (queue_method_code = I)

      It is in a "Pending/Normal" status, ready to be run by the next available



      Checking managers available to run this request...

      There are one or more managers defined that can run this request, but none of

      them are currently active

      This should show on the form as Inactive/No Manager

      These managers are defined to run this request:

      - Standard2 | Status: Deactivated (0 active processes)



      Please help on this request.




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