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    ebs 12.1.3 and discoverer 11g




      Recently i migrated an ebs 12.1.3 platform to another server and i set it up to access to discoverer server in another host but it does not work, when i click on the link nothing happens.

      I tried to find any log with any clue to solve this. But i cannot find anything


      Discoverer server works fine as i can log in from discoverer url, but i need to log in from ebs link


      Any idea?



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          Srini Chavali-Oracle

          Were all of the steps in MOS Doc 1074326.1 followed ?

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            Thanks Srini. I'll check it.


            Anyway, I'll explain what we have done more detaily.


            The original point is a server containing eBS12.1.3, DB and Discoverer. The aim is to migrate this environment to a three machine environment, were get eBS, DB and Discoverer in separated machines and upgrading OS and DB to newer versions.


            eBS and DB migrations works fine.

            In order to decrease migration time, Discoverer will stay in the same machine as now, just changing DB connections to point to other machine.

            So, we have done below steps related to Discoverer:


            1. Upgrade Discoverer version from 10 to 11.
            2. Change DB connection to the new DB server. At this point, we can connect to Discoverer Plus or Viewer, excute reports and obtain data
            3. Change eBS ICX: Discoverer profiles values. We have changed Discoverer Plus and Viewer url's and Discoverer version. At this point, if we try to connect to Discoverer using eBS link, it makes nothing. Appears the status bar message saying "Trying to connect to ...." but nothings happend at all. No error at all.



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              If you have firefox on the EBS server, try to access the Discoverer links, or just test with telnet and port or wget.  If it doesn't connect, look at turning off iptables and ip6tables on both servers.  Also consider commenting out ipv6 /etc/hosts entries if they are still there on both servers (EBS and Discoverer).

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                Thanks a lot.



                Finally I have found what was making me crazy, since everything seemed to be fine.

                It was a silly error on the url. Somehow, the two points symbol before the port number, was replaced by a slash and nobody noticed that.



                Sorry for this so silly question and thanks for your help