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    dial causes maximum cursor exceeded


      Hello community,


      We're using Apex 5.0.3 and ORDS 3.0.8 on Weblogic 12c.

      Our APEX application uses dials for a monitoring system.


      Since migration from database server to weblogic/ords the following problem occurs:


      With every refresh of the used dials (every 10 seconds) there is a new entry in v$open_Cursor like this:


      APEX_PUBLIC_USER                         38  begin wpg_docload.get_download_blob(p_blob=>/*out:content*/:


      Finally our application crashes with maximum cursor execeeded error message.

      The open_cursors parameter in the database is set to 300. An increase of this value will only delay the crash.


      As mentioned before if we start our application directly on the database server we don't have this problem (simulated serveral times), so we assume an ords problem.


      Hope anyone can help!

      Kind regards, Alfred