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    OBIEE MUD Development - How does your organization do it?


      I realize this is a bit of a broad question but I really would love some insight into how other organizations handle this scenario.


      Recently we had another department/group within my organization that expressed interest in modernizing their reports and like OBIEE. And since my group already uses it they were hoping to leverage it.


      Originally my manager stated that development would remain in house, while we would help to migrate their reports and house them. Report development was meant to stay with that group, and the RPD development would remain within my group.


      Now this group is wanting to also have the ability to develop in the RPD.


      Within my team, we are a small enough group that we generally "shared" the RPD.


      I am extremely averse to the idea of allowing another group access to the RPD.


      I was doing some research and noticed that people have suggested to use OBIEE's built in functionality with MUD.


      An adminstrator would be able to create a master RPD. Create projects and subsets of the physical layers allowing developers to check a certain project in and out.


      My concerns with this approach are


      -> The RPD password is not set at a "project" level. When a developer opens the RPD in our traditional model, they would simply go to File->Open->Offline -> Select the RPD -> Input the RPD password and the entire RPD is open for them to edit.


      If we set up "projects", the difference is now a developer would go to File -> Multi User->.....


      The onus would still need to fall on the developer to select Multi User. Once the password is provided, and the physical RPD individuals can fully open it.


      Is there anyway to "lock it down" further?


      -> Secondly - since my team was so small we generally used a shared sandbox to upload and test our changes. I am assuming that if we now have another competing department, that we should consider having all our developers have a local desktop sandbox


      Is this assumption correct?


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated