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    Hide Data in the report


      Hi ,


      i need to display a report in the below layout



      the scenario for the business that user can specify the location for that billing line or he can leave it blank (in case of blank the billing line should be splited across all the locations )

      as it is needed to be in tabular layout  the location specified in the service charges as above is repeated with the three lines of the locations splitted for the base rent & utility charge

      Calculation for the service charge is done correctly , but i need to hide the values rounded in red in the last column , as u can see per location ids this service charge is applicable only for the last location

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          Any clarification needed !!!!

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            J Reinhart

            if the need is to show the srvc_chrg only when the slocation value matches the value in all_locs, then setting field srvc_chrg to this would work:


            decode( slocation, all_locs, srvc_chrg, null)


            the result will be that if the value in slocation equals the value in all_locs, show the srvc_chrg, otherwise use null    So in your example, the last row, where slocation = 1253, would show the value and the other two would not.


            If this isn't what you want, please clarify and I'll be glad to discuss it further.





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              Yeah it's working perfectly , thanks alot

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                J Reinhart

                I'm glad it worked.


                By the way, if your report doesn't like a null value in the field, you can replace    null   with   ' '      (a space between two apostrophes) to put a space in the field or replace the     null    with    0     to show 0 as the value.


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