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    Issue with Topn or Rank


      Hi, i have same value for most of the rows for different dimension rows.in this case when i apply number 5 for RANK or topN, its returning more than 5 rows because measure values are same for all rows. anyone suggest me how can i get only first 5 rows(based on Asc order for dimension) even though values are same?

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          Uma Mahesh

          I have one alternative solution for this


          1. set sort order for measure column (I'm Applying Descending order)

          2. create another measure column like   BOTTOMN(RSUM(Measurecolumn),5)

          3.if you are using Ascending order then use TOPN instead of BottomN

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            Joel Acha

            You must have a set of dimension attribute which makes each row unique in order for your ranking to work. As you mentioned, your report appears to be returning the same values for several rows so you'll need to distinguish each row.


            If you could send across a screenshot then you might get some specific recommendations about what your next steps should be.


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