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    Pre-reqs for Workflow mailer notification


      Hi ALL


      EBS R12.1.3




      How do you connect the APPS server to the SMTP server?

      We have SMTP server, but I do not know if it is connected to our APPS server

      Is this the pre reqs for the setup of  WF mailer notification in relation to SMTP server?

      Is it mandatory that the APPS server can connect to SMTP server?


      Supposing our "apps" server is called ebizapps.oracle.com   and our "smtp" server is called mail.oracle.com.

      Is it mandatory that the following steps can  pass through?


      1. login to ebizapp.oracle.com server

      2. test if mail can be sent and received using the commad >$ echo "Test Email Body" | mail -s "Subject: Test Mail"  jenna@mail.com.ph

      3. If test mail succeed or was sent and received successfully, then the WF mailer notification  will also succeed? if not,  WF will fail as well?



      Please help how to configure WF in our SMTP.



      KInd regards,