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    Rest service created using Pl/SQL API


      Rest service is created with ords.create_module. However, it is not visible using apex application (SQL workship->Restful services). Alternatively module created using Apex application is not in ords_metadata.ords_modules.


      Any insights?


      Kailash Pareek

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          APEX REST services (created in the APEX UI) uses its own repository. ORDS REST services (created using the APIs or through SQL Developer) uses the ORDS_METADA repository. This is something that will eventually be worked out, but for now, they are just two separate ways of developing REST services. The code behind them is even a bit different, so things work a little differently between them. Both ways rely on the ORDS java middle tier component. If there is a conflict in the names, I think the ORDS built item wins (though I' not 100% sure of that).