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    Where do we lookup the values of Category,Expenditure,Expenditure Organization in UI?



      While using Oracle Fusion to load purchase orders,at the line level we have the Category Name in the sheet PO_LINES_INTERFACE

      And expenditure and expenditure organization at the distributions level in the sheet PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_INTERFACE

      Where do we lookup these values in UI

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          J Reinhart

          Expenditure Organizations are found in the normal Organization setup screen.   Open the departments you want to allow to have Project expenditures, and select the option to be expenditure organizations.    Note that they need to be in the organization hierarchy used by Projects also.   Organizations can be set up with Setup --> Resources and organizations --> HR Foundation --> Work Structures --> Organization --> Description.   Use the Hierarchy menu option near this menu option to update your hierarchy if needed.  The hierarchy Projects will use is selected under Setup --> System --> Implementation Options   


          Expenditure Types are set up in Projects under Setup --> Expenditures --> Expenditure Types    Note that you will need to select expenditure categories for the expenditure types; if those aren't set up, the form to do that is near the expenditure types form.   If the expenditure types you want to use already exist, check the lower part of the form to see if they are enabled for Inventory (for inventory destination POs) and/or Supplier Invoices (for expense destination POs) in order to be used on POs


          Since the category you reference is on the po line rather than the distribution, its likely to be the item category set up in Inventory    Inventory --> Setup --> Items --> Categories