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    Handling Stress and Personal Life Balance


      The discussion is primarily focused to understand the professional and personal life of women.


      Can women able to handle DBA task under pressure and and at the same time give 100% to personal life?


      The objective of this discussion is to understand and come with the best opinion or suggestion on the skillset for women for the technological side where in it can leverage creativity, professional and personal life balance.


      I will sincerely appreciate if any inputs or key suggestions can be shared to have a better Understanding on choosing the right profession and also balancing the professional and personal life.



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          Helen J Sanders

          In my experience - the answer is ABSOLUTELY. Some of the best DBAs I have worked with are both wives and mothers, and their professional life is balanced with their work life, and they excel at both.  I am not a DBA, but am both a manager and a developer, and have been working full time for many years, while raising my family.

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            Thanks to Nitin for starting this  discussion.


            I feel DBA job is one of the most challenging job and that is why I like it. I feel its almost equal to a Patient-Doctor relationship. DBA do her/his  job under pressure during critical situation. For the past few years, I too had experienced a lot of challenging situation and all these times I realized that whenever I face known issues, I was able to make Customer Happy by resolving the issues quick. I will be under pressure only if I do not know how to fix it.


            So I personally think that Women can shine and go to the top of the ladder in the field of DBA if she has the proper technical knowledge and experience to handle the database issues. To be a cool DBA one has to be very strong in his/her DBA TECHNICAL SKILLS and a lot of practice in test machine.


            One of my trainer's word "A DBA should have the knowledge of a System admin and Developer so that he/she understand how to resolve a new issue"

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