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    Error with import BAR-File from OBIEE to

    Daniel Fischer

      I'm facing an error by importing the BAR-File of Version to importing it with importserviceinstance().


      It is no Linux machine, so I use the .cmd files like the wlst.cmd to export and import the BAR-File.


      I'm using the guideline of this link Welcome to OBIEE12c - using BI Application Archive (BAR) files - Red Stack Tech


      Export: exportServiceInstance(r'C:\DOMAIN_HOME','ssi',r'C:\WORK',r'C:\EXPORT','','','',true,'password')

      So I used the option to export also all the user content by setting the second last to true.


      Import: importServiceInstance(r'C:\DOMAIN_HOME','ssi',r'C:\EXPORT\ssi.bar',true,true,true,'password')

      And here I set every option to true, to get everything (RPD, webcat, security Settings).


      This is the error message prompted :


      oracle.bi.bar.si.framework.handler.WebcatServiceInstanceHandler importServiceInstance
      SEVERE: Failed in running importServiceInstance for plugin oracle.bi.migration.webcat.WebcatMetadataManagerGenericPlugin
      oracle.bi.bar.si.framework.handler.ServiceInstanceHandlerHelper logErrorMessages
      SEVERE: An error has occurred while executing command, Please check Catalog Manager log for more details.
      oracle.bi.bar.si.framework.ServiceInstanceFrameWorkImpl importServiceInstance
      SEVERE: Error during import service instance for handler oracle.bi.bar.si.framework.handler.WebcatServiceInstanceHandler

      PM oracle.bi.bar.si.ServiceInstanceLifeCycleImpl importServiceInstance
      SEVERE: Failed in running all the handlers during import service instance.



      I've already checked the catalog manager logs, but this didn't help much to locate the problem.


      Has anyone already faced the same error or has an idea how to solve this issue?