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    port pool



      In documentation it is said :

      The run and patch file systems for a Release 12.2 system must each use a different port pool.


      And then it continiues  :

      As the same web ports are used for both fs1 and fs2, the entry points for users will also be the same.


      For me fs1 and fs2 are run and patch file systems (or vice versa).

      If the pool is different for run and patch , fs1 and fs2 can not have the same web port.


      What is my mistake ?



      PS : Link to doc :

      Oracle E-Business Suite Setup Guide

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          If you select port pool 1 for run fs, you should select port pool 2 for the patch ps.  What they are basically saying is the web port would be 8001 no matter which fs is the run fs and users will not have to change their URLs to access the system after patching.