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    Git push to repository using wrong username in SQL Developer

    Kevin W. Walz

      I ran this question past Jeff Smith and he recommended asking the question here.  I am using SQL Developer on MacOS version 10


      Oracle SQL Developer


      Build 16.260.1303


      IDE Version:

      Product ID: oracle.sqldeveloper

      Product Version:


      Oracle IDE

      Java(TM) Platform 1.8.0_112

      Versioning Support


      JavaCore oracle.jdeveloper.java.core Fully Loaded 18ms 29ms 47ms

      Versioning Support oracle.ide.vcscore Fully Loaded 3ms 2ms 5ms

      Versioning Support for Git oracle.jdeveloper.git Fully Loaded 10ms 224ms 234ms


      I was able to configure the Git interface and clone our scripts repository (we are using a local bitbucket server).  After I made modifications to a script and pushed it up to the bitbucket repository it appended <> to the end of my user name.  Because of that the changes are flagged as being from an unknown user and are not added to the file in the repository.


      As far as my local repository is concerned everything has been pushed up and there are no changes pending.


      Any pointers on where in the configs to look and or correct how its sending the user name to the server?