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    RFQ status Completed, Purchase Order Not Requested (Unsealed)


      We need to create a standard purchase order from the RFQ, however the status of the RFQ is Purchase Order Not Requested (Unsealed)

      What can we do now?

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          Shameer Kappil



          We wont be able to create PO from this negotiation. we have to create a new RFQ process with proper Outcome settings.


          Please find Oracle reference from document :Doc ID 944923.1

          " when a negotiation is completed without checking 'Create PO' on the complete award action, the negotiation status becomes 'OUTCOME_NOT_REQUESTED'.  The negotiation is closed without the PO creation initiated, and it is not possible to create a PO from this negotiation at a later time.

          The concurrent request "Create PO from Sourcing" (PON_CREATE_PO) is related to the workflow Item Type: PONCOMPL (File: ponwfau7.wft).  This workflow controls the PO Creation from a negotiation award and is normally deferred to the Workflow Background Engine for processing.  This will process those negotiation outcomes with create of a Purchasing document for which the workflow PONCOMPL was not previously kicked off.


          In the case where the negotiation outcome is 'Completed, Purchase Order Not Requested', negotiations will not be picked up by this "Create PO from Sourcing" concurrent request for processing.

          Always use the Create PO option when awarding the negotiation to avoid this case.  The application does not allow changing the Create PO option after the negotiation is already awarded."


          Shameer kappil